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East Macedonia & Thrace

The bridges in area Thermes - Medusa


The bridges of Kidari: the first bridge is 200 meters west of the settlement Kidari while the second bridge is located before the springs of Thermes towards Kidari village. The bridge of Thermes, filled with rubble, is located in the village of Ano Thermes behind the mosque. The bridge in the Meses Thermes connects the village with the Ano and Kato Thermes. The Bridge of Thermes is an arch bridge that is located in the centre of the settlement Meses Thermes. The bridge of Medusa, in the centre of the village, joins the two quaint neighborhoods of a stream which is a Kompsatos’ tributary. The bridge Xeropotamos is located 3.5 km east of Medusa towards Kotani. The beautiful bridge of Charadra is 400 meters southeast of the previous bridge of Xeropotamos.

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