Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

The bridges in area Oreo - Dimario


The bridge of Stamatis is a beautiful stone bridge near the village that probably took its name from the master builder Stamatis who made it. The bridge of Papas took its name from the mill which operates until today and it formerly was the property of a priest. This bridge is located 3 km north of the village Tsetak. The bridge of Kotylis is a nice single-arch bridge near Kotyli village of the area of Pester. The bridge of Dimario is located in the area of Moustan 1000 m before the village. The bridge of Fylakio 42’ - No. 1 - was built in 1916 at the time of the Builgarian rule in Thrace. The bridge of Fylakio 42’ - No. 2 -is located in the north of the previous bridge and it was built in 1917. The bridge of Fylakio 42’ - No. 3 - is right in front of the outpost which is currently abandoned. The bridges of Fylakio 42’ - No. 4 and No. 5 – are along the old road to Bulgary and was probably built by Bulgarians with the assistance of local residents. To bridge between Dimario-Kotyli was an important passage along the path that connected the two villages. The bridge between Melivia-Dimario is located approximately 1000 m from the turn to Fylakio 42’ on the road from Melivia to Dimario.

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