Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

The bridges in areas of Stavroupolis


The bridge of Gerakas is found at the 11th km Xanthi-Stavroupolis, 100 meters from the turn of the village of Gerakas. Another bridge is located at main road Xanthi-Stavroupolis at the 18th km, between the old and the new road. The bridge of Kariofito was built in 1813 and still maintains in good condition. The bridge of Kastanitis is located 200 meters south of the abandoned namesake village. The bridge of Margaritis is found between Margaritis village and Stavroupolis, south of the village. The bridge of Stavrohori is a beautiful arched bridge 500 meters north of the village. The bridge of Katarrakti is found at the road throught the mountain from Xanthi to Drama. The small bridge of Sidiropetras is found at the small village’s stream that extends west of it. The bridge of Dafnona is located north of the village and leads to the abandoned village of Kalou Nerou. The bridges of Chalepi village is located a few meters from the entrance of the village. The bridge of Leonida is an arch bridge, 18 km northeast of Livaditi village, in the area of Arkoudorema and is named after a military commander who fought during the Balkan wars.

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