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Kasaba Mosque


The Kasaba Mosque is located near the central square of Genisea behind the Mustafa Pasha mosque (Admiral in time of Murad IV) and is dated to 15-16 century. In this large mosque Kasaba Mosque or Tsarsi, elements of folk architecture and art remind the architecture of tobacco warehouses. Its spacious interior, the mihrab, is built from local stone with relief decoration, while the same material is also used for the monumental entrance that leads from the vestibule to the main prayer room. On the lintel of the entrance there is a monumental inscription, which is now kept in the Mustafa Pasha mosque. From this inscription it can be concluded that the current building was rebuilt after the fire of 1873 on the old ruins. Finally the monument has an impressive, high minaret which is made from local ashlar stones.

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