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Holy Church of Entrance of Holy Mary


The building that dominates in village and impose strongly its presence is the church with its famous stone belfry. It is dedicated to the entrance of Holy Mary and the date 1835 is carved on its walls. The bells and the belfry are older. The date 1832 is printed on the bells. The church was entirely stone built, just like the whole village. But the thing that keeps intact the old glamor and beauty of the stone is the belfry that stands elevated and prestigious from each side that the village can be approached. Inside the church the visitor can admire peculiar wall paintings, those, of course, that were able to be saved by the newest interventions and coatings. Very old pictures of great historical value are in functional use in the church and carry on the faith and the religion of the inhabitants, as they are laden with vows, particularly the picture of Holy Mary. If you raise your head you will see the large women"s loft, in which the women of the village worship, so as not to come in contact with men. It is a remnant of an earlier perception and expression of another form of life. However, an excellent sample of architecture and the people"s religiosity. At the belfry apart from the big bells, wonderful construction, a large pendulum mechanism clock which was built in the late 19th century, is kept in excellent condition until today. If you look beneath the narrow and long wooden canopy that protects the internal belfry you will be seen that two huge stones that go up and down every time the priest winds the clock are hanging. The Church celebrates on the fifteenth of August and a great authentic and folk feast is held until today.

Management Body: Metropolis of Zihnon and nevrokopiou
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