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Folklore Museum and Historical Promotion "Gregory Afxentiou»


The museum and Historical Promotin "Gregory of Afxentiou" housed in a building that marries the Cyprus with the Thracian pace and located in the village Afxentiou. The purpose of the museum is attributable minimum tribute to the fighter of EOKA, Gregory Afxentiou, the emergence of the region, but also the contact for young people with history, folklore and tradition of the regions of Thrace and Cyprus. Exhibition material of the Museum is the carving portrait of Afxentiou, part of the jacket of the great hero, history and folklore material for G. Auxentiou and Cyprus, audios, Cypriot costumes, Thracian & Asia Minor costumes and other promotional materials of Cyprus and Thrace. Also impressing the Cypriot costumes of the place Lysis, the collectors armor used by Auxentiou, loom of Thrace and engravings era from the history of Cyprus.

Management Body: Assosiation of Cypriot of Xanthi

Mrs Xatzigeorgiou
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