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Achrian Mosque of Xanthi


The mosque is located in the Old City, in the present district of the Acropolis or Achrian Mahallesi (Ahrian Mahalle). The mosque is a single aisle space and it was built with stones and wooden frames. The minaret is located on the southwestern edge of the building and the balcony is based on two annular surfaces supported by serrated corbels. The mosque contains the original building and later additions. The interior is quite simple. Special interest is presented in the mihrab, which is formerly decorated with simple baroque design. Today, the side of the mosque that faces Mecca (Qiblah) is coated with modern oriental style tiles. The mimper (pulpit) is located on the northwestern edge of the interior of the mosque and is decorated with geometric and neoclassical designs. This is the mosque in which Evliya Çelebi probably refers to, during his tour in the late 17th century, and in which he states that the area of the mosque there was also a seminary. On the northwestern side of the mosque is the cemetery, where 28 graves are saved until today, 16 of them having inscribed plaques, which dates from the year 1580 until 1896. Earlier graves of the late 16th century help in dating the founding of the mosque.

Service Unit: 15th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities 

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