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Forest of Beech in Tsichla - Chaidou in Xanthi


The Forest of Beech in Tsichla - Chaidou in Xanthi has an area of 18 hectares, and belongs to the Forest Service of Xanthi (FEK 121/D/80). It is a century-old beech forest, an area of 18 hectares and is located in the mountain Chaidou in the Central Rhodope Mountains, north of the city of Xanthi. The height of trees exceed over the 30m and the diameter of their trunk is around 1 to 1.30 m, creating an imposing figure. In the region (Chaidou Mountain, Koula Mountain, together with the surrounding peaks) have many rare birds and mammals. Foremost of these are bears, deers, wolves, wild boars, foxs, martens, the capercaillies, the blackbirds, makrotsiklitares.

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