Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Monuments of cultural interest


A large number of interesting neoclassical buildings of great importance can be found in large cities of Greece, the architecture of mosques, and specific neighborhoods in cities (the warehouses, the old city of Xanthi, huts of Sarakatsans, etc.). Monuments which are not very prominent and widely known are the following:
• The preserved old town, on the hillside of the castle, with quaint narrow winding streets and two-storey houses with “sachnisia” and vibrant colors, many of which are built by craftsmen from Kastoria.
• The old market, with small shops, stalls and vibrant oriental color. Large warehouses of the late 19th and early 20th century and their characteristic industrial architecture.
• The idyllic suburb Palaia Xrusa, in the west of the city, with beautiful old mansions.
• The area of the stream Kosynthos, the "Tsagi”, in the north of the city.
• The Water mills, in the mountainous area of the prefecture of Xanthi. From a total of 60 traditional watermills, only three are still operating in the settlements of Satres, Oraio and Dimario, while others have been abandoned and nearly in stete of collapse.

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