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Strait of Nestos


Nestos remains until today the pride of the northeastern Greece for his ecological value, the rare and beautiful natural environment. The forest - aquatic ecosystem of the river is of international importance, it consists a national park, it’s protected by the international Ramsar Convention and is a part of the Natura 2000network. The 140 km of the river flowing in the Greek territory, are an importance source of life for the region. “The Strait of Nestos”, meaning the 17km that the river travels from Stavroypoli to Toxotes, have been characterized by presidential order in 1977 as an Aesthetic Forest covered by specific requirements for protection. The Strait of Nestos is a place of natural beauty and a refuge of significant number of the fauna of our country, among them several rare species. The steep, rocky and overgrown slopes of the Straits are majestic and impressive and they can cause awe to the visitors. You can experience the splendor of nature by traversing the Straits through the river by canoe or by walking the path of Galani, one of the most beautiful hiking trails that Greece has to offer. The pleasure of the visitor can be complemented with areas of forest recreation, accommodation, refreshment, and good food in the villages, with the warmth and hospitality of the habitants. The splendor of the Strait’s nature reaches 23,000 strm. with about 500 species of flora and 213 fauna species and a significant number of mammals, amphibians and reptiles several of which are rare and endangered species.

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