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East Macedonia & Thrace

Vistonida Lake


If anyone founds himself in Xanthi’s municipality, he should not miss the chance to visit the lake Vistonida who has canals that connect to the sea and dense reed beds that surround the small delta of rivers that flow into it. This natural beauty is complemented by the lagoons Lafri, Lafrouda, Aliki, Elos and the lagoon in Porto Lagos, where small churches of Saint Nikolaos and Panagia Pentanesi are built. The birth of Lake Vistonidas is located before about 5,000,000 years. The name comes from the Vistones, a Thracian tribe, who lived in the area. It is the largest lake in Thrace, the extent of which is over 42,000 acres and it’ss one of the major water receptors of the Rhodope Mountains. This Station is hospitable for migratory birds that pass through our country, breeding site and other winter haven for 422 bird species.

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