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East Macedonia & Thrace

Birdwatching in Porto Lagos - Xanthi Region

The small quaint village, which is both seaside and lakeside, in the southeast of the municipality, in the borders of Xanthi and Rhodope, is known for years to ornithologists as an excellent birdwatching site. Among lagoons, meadows, woods and lake Vistonida the biotope hosts a rich birdlife. Among the 302 bird species that exist, some are Egret, the Foinikopetra, Pygmy Cormorant etc.. Inside the woods at the entrance of the village and the harbor, on the pine threes, have their nests three spieces of “Erodion” the Herons, Egrets and the Squacco where someone can notice them with binoculars from the observation or the waterfront.
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