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Holy Monastery of Holy Mary Kalamous


The monastery is situated north of Xanthi in a gorge that has an altitude difference of 170meters from the area the area. The name of the monastery comes from the finding of the miraculous image of Panagia inside some reeds, in the Kosynthos river area. From the place in which the monastery is built, the faithfull can admire the mountainous region of Rhodope, to the border with Bulgaria and let his gaze to travel to the distant horizon in the valley of Xanthi. The monastery, as it is today, was built only in the early 20th century, but the church, as a building, is contemporary since it was erected soon after 1965, in place of the old that was very badly made. Modern are also, in the same way, the nuns’ cells located on the west side of the monastery. Unfortunately nothing testifies about the past this monastery except for some pictures, in particular of the Assumption. There is howevera traditions aims that the monastery was built during the years of iconoclasm (726-843), by iconophil monks, who escaping fanaticism of iconoclasm left Istanbul and came and settled herein. As for the name of the monastery "Kalamiotissa" comes from the fact that the image of the Virgin was found in an area of reeds.
The “words” of Gerasimos as well as others’ were kept until 1913 in the monastery of Kalamous among with other codes of the same monastery and the adjacent of Holy Mary Arxaggeliwtisa. All of these were taken by Bulgarians and now are located at the "Central of Ecclesiastical History - Archaeology Museum of the Synod of Agia Sofia”.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Xanthi and Perithori
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