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Ruins of the Ancient Town of Topeiros


Approaching the bridge over the river Nestos, between the villages of Toxotes and Paradeisos, 14 km west of Xanthi, are located the ruins of the ancient city of Topeiros. It was a small settlement of classical and Hellenistic times, it’s situated on a hill northwest of the village of New Amissos. By the River Nestos, south and southwest of the village Toxotes, were identified Thracian relics of early Iron Age and historical period. East and adjacent to the village Melissa, was identified Neolithic settlement of the 5th millennium BC. In the 2nd century AD, the city of Topiros had its own currency (proof of autonomy and wealth). With the separation of the Roman Empire to East & West, the region of Xanthi, with centered the area of Topeiros, always belongs to the Eastern Empire, which indeed is the westernmost limit. In 549 AD, the city is taken by Slav barbarians who destroyed the ground. In two years (551 AD) Justinian rebuilt and surrounded the city with stronger walls (those which are opposite the camp of Toxotes). History can present the image of this city until 812 AD when it was destroyed by the Bulgarian Tsar Krum. This is a non-archaeological site.

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