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Monument Apostle Paul - Church St. Nicholas


Synthesis of mosaic 35m2 is placed in the step of Apostle Paul in the city of Kavala next to Church Agios Nikolaos, with tittle "The arrival of the Apostle Paul in Neapolis of Philippi." Apostle Paul during his tour (49-50 AD) in Asia (second phase of apostolic tour) saw a vision of a Macedonian man stand and begs him: "Come over to Macedonia and help us" (Pr.16, 9). This vision was the reason to come and preach the Ap. Paul for Christ, the Resurrection and the Church in Europe. The winter of 49 a.D St. Paul disembarked for the first time on European soil, in Naples. From Naples went to Philippi (via the old Egnatia Str.) which was then one of the major cities of Eastern Macedonia and Roman colony to declare his faith. At this point then allegedly became the landing of St. Paul has created a monument honoring the first steps in the city of Kavala.

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