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East Macedonia & Thrace

Traditional Oil Press in Holy Mary of Thasos


This is a family factory which produce olive oil for four generations. When it started to operate in 1915, oil production was based entirely on the mill and the water that was initiating the mill, was transported from the three sources of the village. Water rotated the mill and the energy that was produced, was transferred to the machinery for the production of olive oil. The watermill is the only currently operating in Greece and is open to visitors. The mill had a significant technological progress after the island was electrified in 1968. Visitors can see many machines that occasionally helped to improve the quality of the oil, the increase of production and processing speed. The mill operated until 2007. Throughout its operation it implemented several innovations that led to the largest oil production compared with other traditional mills in Greece. The products are displayed in a special area with a potentially short tour. In the report you can watch the process of olive oil production in the classical - traditional method. With a series of photographs and video, visitors can watch the whole process of production, from harvest to bottling olive oil and learn interesting information about the olive oil, olive trees and olives. From the same area, someone can also purchase products.