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Monastery of Archangel Thassos


The Nunnery of Archangelos Michael is the greatest and most famous monastery of Thassos and is an important pilgrimage. It is built on the edge of a cliff near the village of Theologos and the view of the Aegean is really fascinating, giving the visitor the feeling of being suspended. In this position, ascetic Loukas, obeying the command of Archangel Michael, built in 1110 AD small chapel in which holy water gushed. According to tradition, infidel Turks wanted once to destroy the source. Then it dried up miraculously and flowed, and still gushes in a cave near the sea. The sacrilegious fell dead. Years later, again miraculously, reached to the church the Holy Nail (the nail that came at the right hand of the crucified Christ) which was dedicated by Emperor Nikiforos Botaniatis to Philotheos Monastery in Mount Athos. After years in the position of the church founded the Monastery, as a dependency of the Monastery Philotheos. In 1974 came nuns from Pilion, which together with Athonite monk worked hard and transformed the monastery. For Thassos and particularly for residents of Theologos, Archangelos Michael is their patron saint. The Grace of Archangelos and the uniqueness and blessing of the Holy Nail is a reason of large turnout of pilgrims. Celebrated on November 8, the feast of the Archangel and Easter Tuesday. (Source: The Monastery of Archangelos is located 35 kilometers west of the Port of Thassos. The Monastery is a dependency of the Monastery Philotheos of Mount Athos and it is Monastery of nuns. 

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    It is built on the edge of a cliff near the village of Theologos
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