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East Macedonia & Thrace

Kavala's fortress


The fortress is located at the top of most traditional district of the city of Kavalas in the top of peninsula of Panagia or Old City as it is known, where the view is breathtaking.
It attracts thousands of visitors every year and is one of the major attractions of the area.
Well maintained and full of "secrets" and interesting point’s draws the attention of historians, archaeologists, architects, and students from around the world. Greeks, foreigners and local residents of all ages visit to travel back in time, to enjoy the spectacular views, to attend theatrical performances, concerts and children"s events taking place at the outdoor theater and admire the art exhibitions and photograph hosted on other areas of the castle.
The refreshment is a resting spot and a favorite meeting place.
Place full of life once again in its long history, the castle alone is reason to visit Kavala and dynamically contribute to the cultural and economic life of the country.
Accessible is by car, up to a point, but mainly so that pedestrians can enjoy the beauty of the old city.

The access is made by car but you should admire the beauty of old town on foot.

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