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Pangaio Mountain


Pangaio Mountain is known, from the ancient years, for its rich natural resources: minerals, forest wealth and rare natural beauty. It is located in the west side of the Kavala prefecture, at the boundaries of the Prefecture of Serres. The forest have a total area of 11,239.50 hectares and consists of 5,121.80 hectares of beech, 1,955.92 hectares of mixed stands of beech - oak - chestnut - fir and deciduous broadleaf and evergreen broadleaved 4,161.78 hectares, mainly holm. All the forest ecosystem is a habitat rich in wildlife and a large part of it is a declared wildlife sanctuary. In terms of flora, in the ecosystem it can be found a wide variety of species, many of which, especially grasses, are rare or even endemic of the area.Moreover, the Pangaio Mountain is also declared an Historical and Archaeological Site (FEK 367/tefchos B/26-6-81 and YA A1/F18/31358/1074/18-6-81). The visitors can tour the villages of Pangaio Mountain to see the traditional architecture with stone bridges, to feel the intense religious spirit that testify the plaenty monasteries and churches, and savored the delights of the area. In terms of forest recreation, the forest ecosystem of Pangaio, the latests few years, the visitors participating in various activities, such as hiking mountain in trails and the European path E4, as well as hang gliding, rock climbing, mountain biking etc. while they are also being able to stay daily in organized outdoor recreational spaces. Even today, in Pangaio, operates prefabricated forest lodges, forest village and ski resort. If you decide to visit Pangaio first contact the following mountaineering clubs of the prefecture.
- Greek Mountaineering Club website:
- Ski Mountaineering Club: 2510 327123 - Ski and Mountaineering Association Kavala, S.CH.O.K
Phone number: 2510 227727

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