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Beach of Ammolofoi


Approximately 1 Km away from N.Peramos behind the Anaktoroupoli of Oisymi, which is a series of Byzantine castles, there is the Ammolofoi beach with length 3Km. The fine sand in conjunction with the crystal and shallow waters create a magical, exotic landscape, which is why the beach attracts thousands of people every year. The Ammolofoi beach is ranked in the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in Greece. In addition to the internet it has taken the fifth place while receiving a Blue Flag for its clean waters. Ammolofoi is a beach in Greece that has the largest volume of sand. The beach has many beach bars and snack bars offering sunbeds, umbrellas and parking. You can enjoy your coffee, while enjoying the endless blue of the Aegean, and when conditions allow, you can see Thassos and Mount Athos. For those who prefer more privacy and more free situations, especially on the first and third Dunes, many natural beaches, are yet unexploited. The Ammolofoi beach are "separated" from rocks into three beaches, which is common to refer to as the first Ammolofoi, second and third Ammolofoi, respectively (From east to west). Among the sand dunes and the N.Peramos the peninsula Vrasida extends, with many small beaches and coves for swimming and exploring.

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