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Kavala due to its geographical position (using a large natural harbor, unique from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis, the dynamics of the hinterland of Eastern Macedonia and always dominant position in the Balkan reality) plays a central role not only in the narrow limits of the geographic area, but also in parts of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in the North Aegean islands and in other neighboring areas-notably Bulgaria-countries, who want to have economic activity and cooperation with Kavala (INTERREG programs etc. ). This feature makes Kavala a service center, with a large portion of its population engaged in this sector of the economy. Kavala, moreover, was the center of intense tobacco trading activity in the 19th and the first half of 20oy century and even today continues to be the center of production, processing and marketing of marble in our country, to produce fertilizers, as the largest fertilizer industry in Greece (the PFI), to produce and export mainly to Europe-agricultural products (grapes and asparagus) and is the major tourist destination east of Thessaloniki, with around 500,000 visitors from Greece and abroad. For this reason, the city of Kavala is the financial center for the region and the major banks use it as a seat of regional services, and brokerage firms, consulting firms and business financial advisers to use it as a landmark for their activities. Kavala is a major tourist center and the tourist area has features similar to the most beautiful summer and winter destinations in Greece and Southern Europe, with Thasos and the coastal zone to the rest of the county be characterized by the diversity of the landscape, clean seas and the necessary infrastructure. Because it is not saturated in terms of high-class hotels, and because it is a recognized destination in Europe and in the Balkans, it represents a unique investment opportunity for those interested in safe investments.

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