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East Macedonia & Thrace

Water Festival – Wood Water Wild Festival

Old Kavala, every year hosts the biggest festival of outdoor activities in Greece, which is performed on the first weekend of the summer (or last of spring). The environmental path of old Kavala is the space of the events of Wood Water Wild Festival. It is a path that was completed under the Leader program in 2007, with total length of 2.5 kilometers. The stream that runs alongside the path is spotless water running round as well as the freshwater fish. There is a beautiful waterfall, a restored watermill, and an abandoned quarry. The main venues of the festival are the watermill engaged in the musical events, outdoor activities (climbing, archery, flying fox), the outdoor bazaar construction, handicrafts and traditional products, the tour operation waterwheel, this traditional buffet Sunday morning, speeches, etc. The second event venue of the festival is placed in the square of the village of old Kavala where the venue termination and awards for both races of the festival (mountain race & mountain bike) will take place.
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