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Holy Monastery of Saint Demetrius of Nikisiani


Convent, founded on a hill on the western edge of the eastern community of Nikisiani on the east foothills of Pangaio. In this area, since 1913, a honored chapel in the name of Ssint Demetrius was existed. At the initiative of the Metropolitan of Eleftheroupoli Ambrose in 1973 was built a fundamentally new temple with the contribution of residents and Georgios Lazaridis, according to the existing marbled inscription. In the years that followed a large narthex was added to the church and the three-story building complex of the monastery with hospitality areas, cells, bank, laboratories and other ancillary spaces was built. West of the building in 1994 the new church dedicated to the Virgin Gorgoepiko was inaugurated. It is a convent and belongs to the metropolis of Eleftheroupoli.

Foundation year: 1977

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