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Located in the area of New Peramos, built on the place of ancient Oisymi. Anaktoropolis (New Peramos) has fortified enclosure that occupies the top and a portion of the slope leading down towards the sea, showing an orientation of the castle to it. Is reinforced with four-sided, polygonal and circular towers. Two gates opened on both sides and saw the land and a harbor side. Masonry steps scale leading to the walls preserved in several places, while the ramparts were destroyed. Casings and along the east side extends continuous rampart. Generally the castle displays unitary construction and masonry: stones unworked collectible or not much brew with superimposed bricks at vertical joints and sometimes the horizontal forming zone with three to five rows of bricks, masonry peculiar to the era of Palaeologus. In the yard space made various cultural events in recent years.

Service Unit: 12th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities _x000D_
Phone: +302510224716

  • Address
    Nea Peramos (Prefecture of Kavala)
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    +302510224.716, +302510228.689