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Municipal Museum Polygnotou Vagi


The Municipal Museum of Polygnotos Vagi works in Potamia of Thassos by August 1981 and is dedicated to the life and works of sculptor Polygnotos Vagi, who came from there. Housed in a two storey stone building in the center of the village, which used to be a primary school. The collection includes 98 sculptures of Vagi, 25 of which are very small and 15 paintings by the same artist. The works of the first artistic period of Vagi (1919-1930) is mainly inspired by the ancient Greek history and mythology and the modern Greek history. The materials used are gypsum, copper and marble. The works of the second period (1932 onwards) of the sculptor characterized by abstractness
and were molded in bronze, stone or cement or carved in stone, marble, wood or granite. These forms and heads shaped moons, eagles and fish. Finally, there is a series of monumental works, such as the Bear with her newborn, the World and a series of miniature sculpture.

Daily 9:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m, 18:00 p.m - 21.00 p.m , Sunday 10:00 a.m - 12:30 a.m, closed on Mondays

Free entrance

Management Body: Municipal+Q273 Benefit Enterprise of Thassos (DIKETH)

  • Address
    Potamia of Thassos, PC 64004, Prefecture of Kavala
  • Contact Information
    30 2593061400
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