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Nestos River


River Nestos shows two areas which are protected by international treaties. The first concerns the northern section of the river known as "Straits of the river" and the second concerns the delta of the river and lagoons of Keramoti. In the Strait of Nestos the visitor can see an impressive landscape which constitutes the aesthetic forest, rugged cliffs and impressive geological formations through which the river flows, forming the unique to Greece phenomenon of meanders. The observation of rare birds in the area, hiking in a beautiful landscape of the formed paths, canoe - kayak and rafting are activities that visitors can enjoy. The Nestos Delta station is a migratory bird habitat, rich bird fauna, many of which are rare and others exist only in this region, which is their place of residence (eg kolchikos pheasant). Also very rich is the fauna of mammals, reptiles, insects and the fish fauna. In the past, the area covered by the largest riparian forest of Greece, known as the "Great Forest" or "Kotza Orman." This forest owes its existence to the periodic flooding of the area by the floodwaters of the river. Remnants of the that forest still exist today and are the Riparian Forest of Nestos. In the area there are trails suitable for hiking, bike, bird watching, 4x4 vehicles as well as environmental park and recreation facilities. More information on DELTA INFORMATION CENTER OF NESTOS, located on S. Keramoti in Kavala Telephone: 2591051831,

More information can be found in the INFORMATION CENTER OF NESTOS DELTA which is located in Keramoti of Kavala tel +30: 2591051831,

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