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East Macedonia & Thrace

Riverside forest Kotza Orman or Large Forest


The riparian forest Kotza Orman or Large Forest isa priceless landscape of ecological value and beauty. It was once one of the largest aquatic of Europe, since the "50s there had been recorded 74,000 acres. However,in 1946, 54,000 acres were out of it and given to farmers for cultivation, leaving a small part, which the Forest Service of Kavala is trying to preserve by fencing perimeter stretches of land and prohibiting any human activity. The plants are dominated by willows, the alders, oaks, elms, factions and creepers (the Agrambeli, hops, ivy, etc.). Several species of wildlife are recording such as wild boar, jackal, fox, deer, hare, badger and the only wild pheasant population of kolchikos pheasant in Europe. The Forest Service in an area of about 15,000 acres cultivated poplars, targeting both in timber production and in the regeneration of the natural riparian forest.

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