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Nestos Delta


The Nestos Delta occupies a large area in the southern part of the prefectures of Kavala and Xanthi. The debris that Nestos deposits on estuary and ocean currents prevailing in the region, formed small lagoons of Bassora, Eratino, Agiasma, Kokala, Keramotis and Monastiraki- all in the western part of the delta, total area of 16,000 acres (S. Kavala) . In the eastern part of the delta (Xanthi) dominate the extensive areas of the dunes and periodic wetlands. Nestos 4x4. The wealth of wildlife is great- although in 1953 the unique in Europe riparian forest, the famous Great Forest (Koca Orman) was put in Delta of Nestos. Mammals such as wild pigs, wolves, jackals, otters, badgers, foxes, weasels and ferrets. Particularly rich is the area for the winged world: In the Nestos Delta 254 species of birds have been recorded . Among these there are rare and endangered species worldwide such as Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus), the Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroga), the Red-(Branta ruficollis), the Spotted Eagle (Aguila clara), the Imperial Eagle (Aguila heliaga), and the kestrel (Falco naumanni). The region is a unique area of research, observation, and information on the operation of natural aquatic ecosystems, structures and principles governing its operation. Projects such as the creation and operation of information centers for the Riparian Forest of the river, creat pathways guiding the restoration of native vegetation, reflood certain parts except the riverbed, and the constant protection of the ecosystem, are just the beginning to a study effort, conservation and recovery of outstanding natural aquatic ecosystem.

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