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Archaeological Museum of Thassos


The Archaeological Museum in the port of Thassos, is a small but well organized museum that takes you step - step in the long history of the island. Significant findings from the Paleolithic to the Byzantine age, with great care narrate one of the most important civilizations in the Aegean. Upon entering the museum, you will be impressed by the tall Kouros, intended for the sanctuary of Apollo, you will experience the way of life during different historical periods have put their stamp on the island and admire the creations and culture first residents. In the museum you will learn about the importance of the Paleolithic ocher and mines of Thasos were discovered in position Tzines and cave paintings discovered in the castle, will admire prehistoric jewelry while in the history of ancient multi medalist Theagenes becoming the legend and the reality of Olympic Games.

08.30 a.m - 15.00 ( November 1 - March 31)

2 euros

Service Unit: 18th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Tel.: +302521031365


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    Limenas of Thassos, PC 64004, Thassos, Prefecture of Kavala
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