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In 1864 the Greek Orthodox Community of Kavala acquired the right to build district outside the fort and the City's the first task was to build a church for the religious needs of believers, the church of Ioanni Baptisti, in a land that was countryside for city residents in the castle and pilgrimage dedicated to the Zoodochos Pigi.

The fitted plate in the narthex, inscription dated, stating: ΄΄Διονυσίου Ξάνθης/ Αρχιερατεύοντος/ αναλώμασι της των/ Ελλήνων παροικίας/ ο ναός ούτος ανηγέρθη εν έτει / ΑΩΞς (1866)΄΄. At both entrances of the enclosure, on the north which is the main entrance, on the road Philippi Str., and south on the road today Venizelos Str., is engraved with the year 1867, year of construction of the precinct and the entrance of the courtyard.

The church is honored in the name of the Holy glorious Baptist Ioannis and the main festivals are the Birth of the Baptist (June 24). It is a five-aisled basilica with a dome, kind skylight, which is the arch of the middle aisle. The Corinthian kionokrana, the small columns, the simple decoration of the temple and the stuccoed decorations on the arch of the roof and in various other places, are all neoclassical buildings, customary in this period. The apostles are depicted in oval portraits above the columns, between Genesis bow, and the Almighty in medal stucco colored flowers in the middle of the vault of the central aisle. The Twelve, Lord's miracles, individual saints etc. are represented on screen in two rows of twenty-six, over the icons. All images in this temple are paintings of the 19th century (1867) except St John's right of the despot Christ which was made in 1921.

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