Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace


05/03/2016 - 05/03/2016

Life is like an endless sea: we sometimes sail on high currents of serenity and bliss while at other times we fight against huge wild waves in an attempt to survive. It is at these “low” moments and because we’ve been trying too hard that exhaustion, both physical and psychological, takes over making us weak in spirit, frightened and eventually resigned to fate. However, after every storm the sun rises; it is the time to start all over again, to reload forces and energy and resume our journey, being wiser and conscious this time. Even if our vessel has been wrecked in the rough sea, let’s not brood for too long …… there are always ships passing by, ready to lend us a hand. We just need to be willing to get hold of one and share the voyage of LIFE.

“Life Reloading” is the motto of the first TEDx Kavala. We believe in the journey itself rather than just in the final destination: in the “going” rather than in the Ithaca, as Kavafis would have put it.

The “ship” of the first TEDx Kavala is ready to sail on 5 March 2016. Its voyage will hopefully mark a restarting and a reloading of Life. On board there will be important personalities from the spheres of culture, science, technology and marketing. People who are ready to share with us their “positive” charges and their ideas from their unique individual journeys.
Let’s wish all the best for its first voyage ….