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Folklore Museum of Didymoteicho


The original collection that formed the core of the museum began to be accumulated by teachers of the region in 1965 at the 2nd Primary School of Didymoteicho, to rescue the folklore heritage of the region. In 1973 the "Cultural Association Folk Museum of Didymoteicho" was founded and the material was transferred to the neoclassical building of Hatzirvassanis, where until now has housed the museum. At the museum one can see traditional costumes of the region and other clothing, embroideries and woven beddings, traditional jewelry, religious items, photos, utensils, tools and many other items. Furthermore, there is a traditional retort for making raki and tools of a former printing press. Also remarkable, are the archives of the museum, which comes mainly from donations and include theater programs, medical tests and many other publications and manuscripts. Finally, in the courtyard, visitors can see a “giachana”, the traditional sesame grinder for the production of sesame oil. 

Hours and days of visit: Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 a.m.- 14:00 a.m, Tuesday-Thursday 16:00 - 19:00 p.m. (Winter hou) and 5.30-8.30m.m. (Summer working hours), Sunday 10:30 a.m -13:30 p.m

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