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East Macedonia & Thrace

Byzantine Museum of Didymoteicho


In the city center, on a land granted by the municipality of Didymoteicho, there is the Byzantine Museum. Its construction was completed in March 2009 and its permanent exhibition is currently being organized. In its halls, it will accommodate archaeological finds from all the region around Didymoteicho, but also from all Thrace, covering the years of the Roman occupation in the region and the establishment of the city of Didymoteicho, to the period of liberalization and integration into the national territories. The modules will focus on the thematic areas of communication networks, transports, residential centers of the region, fortifications and monastic communities, monumental topography, ecclesiastical buildings, and the latest history of the city during the Byzantine and Ottoman period etc. The purpose of the museum is to provide a multilevel and bidirectional framework of experiential knowledge between the visitor and the various materials of the historic past. The museum is a two-storey building with basement and includes temporary exhibitions, public info service, cultural activities, offices, workshops, warehouses and refreshment. Hours and days of visit: Currently closed

Service Unit: 15th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities 

Phone: +30 2531022411