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East Macedonia & Thrace

Ancient Traianoupoli


Approximately on the 15th km of the old National Road, we find the ruins of Ancient Traianoupolis. The city was founded by the Emperor Trajan in the 2nd century AD. In the city, there was concentrated a large Greek population from the surrounding areas and was an important administrative, military and ecclesiastical center of Thrace until the mid of the 14th century. In the ancient town dominates the “Hannah”, a large building with unique architecture, roofed with an arch of 1,385, which was used as a hostel for travelers and visitors of spas in the region, since it was on the famous Egnatia road, connecting Instanbul with Rome. Hannah had a central heating system with hot water. Moreover, findings of the region indicate that the place had previously inhabited: currencies illustrating the Zeus, the Athens and Hercules, pieces of embossed marbled plates and inscriptions, lamps, tableware, as well as a beautiful sundial.

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