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East Macedonia & Thrace

Metropolis Square


The Mitropolis Square is another space of historical reference in the city of Alexandroupolis. The urban fabric around the square is characteristic example the architecture in the late of the 19th century, with neoclassical influences. It includes:
- The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, founded in 1901.
- The Leontarideio male School of Dedeagatch, built in 1909 and donated by the merchant Anthony Leontaridis from Maroniti. It served as High School and now houses the Ecclesiastical Museum of Mitropolis.
- The 3rd Primary School, the first school in the town, built in 1906, where important people of the cultural world of that period taught there.
- The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas that hosts the religious image of Holy Mary Trifotissa of the 13th century, which was brought by the refugees from Ainos.

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