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East Macedonia & Thrace

Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli


Alexandroupolis is the capital of the prefecture of Evros and one of the most important ports and trade of northeastern Greece. The symbol of the city and the starting point of the visitors, is the French architecture Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis, which overlooks the road along the coast. The lighthouse is composed of a cylindrical tower with a wide base, from assembled stones, on top of which was placed a beacon – a cresset. It was built in 1880 by the French Society of Lighthouses and Lanterns – “Administration Generale des Phares de l` Empire Ottoman”. It was immediately linked with the history of the city, as is was built to meet the needs of the increased shipping traffic that brought the creation of the Railway Station in 1870. Besides, the construction of the railway and the port played a key role in the establishment and development of Alexandroupolis. Also worth visiting is the old train station of the city, known as “Galliko” (“French”), one of the first buildings of the Dedeagatch, as Alexandroupolis was formely named. Other worth mentioning buildings or places that serve the function of the railroad in the past, was the Enotikos Station in Egnatia Park, which was destroyed after the bombing in 1915, the old passengers’ space station in the current KA.P.I, Military Station at Rhodes Street, which currently works as a kindergarten, as well as the customs warehouses in the port and many other.

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