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Mansion Brika


The three-story mansion of Brika has a specialized architectural structure with accented brick mansonry corners, triple lintels, three-story curved balcony and wooden gable with a slightly arched base. It combines successfully the craft work with the magnificence of a western suburban villa. Apart from the owner"s residence, it was used for rearing silkworms, the dry storage and the production of silkworm cocoons. It was built in 1890, specifically for the needs of sericulture and silk production by special craftsmen from Bursa and it was built on an elevated stone pedestal. The owner was one of the few producers of eggs in Soufli and his family was one of the most affluent in the city. The special construction ensures suitable conditions for silkworm rearing and storage of dry cocoons. The mansion was donated to the municipality of Soufli in 1991 by the memorable Mr. Brika Mavroudis and his wife Vaya, to serve as a cultural center in the futrure. The building was restorated by the Municipality of Soufli and today houses the Municipal Museum.

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