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The walls of Traianoupoli


Traianopolis was founded in the early 2nd century AD by the Emperor Trajanos, near Egnatia Odos Street, the site of an earlier settlement. At that time, the Emperor was heading to Dacia to conquer it, but at the same time he wanted to create forts and to install veterans soldiers as guardians. He founded schools, libraries, baths, bridges and other charitable projects. Part of this reconstruction program of the Roman Empire is also the establishment of Traianoupolis. The city became the administrative and religious center of the region for 12 centuries. The Roman city was fortified by Justinian Emperor and quickly gathered the population of the surrounding villages. To this contributed the existence of hot spas in the area and the proximity to Egnatia Odos street. In the city there was the institution of the Municipality and the Senate.

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