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Tekes of Kizil Deli


The Tekes of Segit Ali Sultan, known also as Tekes of Kizil Deli or Tekes of Roussa is located 3 km outside the village Roussa (Turkish: Ruşenler, Rousenler), inhabited mostly by Pomaks. It is an Ottoman Tekes, meaning a meeting point of Dervishes (specific guild of Bektasidon) which has been restored and operats until today. Indeed, it is one of the only two operating “tekedes” in Greece. It is considered to be one of the oldest preserved “tekedes” in the Balkans and one of the major centers of Balkan Turkish-Muslim Bektasism. The Tekes was established in 1402 under the guidance of a religious leader named Kizil Deli. To visit the Tekes, you have to follow the road from Roussa for Parental and take the dirt road on the left after 2.5 km.

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