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Natural History Museum of Alexandroupolis


In a distance of about 2 mm east of the city of Alexandroupoli, in Platanotopos of the stream Maistrou is the Museum of Natural History. This is a modern and well equipped building, area 538 square meters fully harmonized with the natural environment. The main purpose of the Natural History Museum of Alexandroupolis is to promote biodiversity in all its levels (genetic, species, ecosystem, landscape) in the Evros region and geophysical and ecological peculiarities of. The Natural History Museum of Alexandroupolis designed to help raise public environmental awareness, education, and recreation of the public, through the exhibition space and educational programs that prepare. Attractions are the multimedia applications, the multi sights, the Bank information and more generally active representations of elements of the natural environment of the area. The exhibits provide information about the natural history, evolution of life of fish, mammals and plants.

Mr Naitidis Ioannis
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