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East Macedonia & Thrace

Custom of Kiopek Bey-Municipality of Soufli

Through the centuries the Greek memory retained until recently some Dionysian rites, one of them is the custom of Kiopek Bey. The Bey is an act of worship that was taking place in much of Thrace and Soufli from farmers in order to cause the fertility of land and prosperity. The show is performed by a troupe with elements of ancient theaters and many similarities with the drama of Sophocles and origin from the religious rites of Dionysus .The Bey occurred every Clean Monday. The troupe roamed in the streets with greetings and repeated symbolism, they were trying to provoke a rich harvest. Today there is the custom of disguise on Halloween (carnival) and has been established a parade floats and masqueraders which are organized by the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Soufli.
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