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Byzantine Castle Kale of Didymoticho


The castle of Didymoticho, or as it is called by locals "Kale", dominates a rocky hill 107m., on the left shore of Erythropotamos. The district saves traces of human presence from pre-historic times. The castle is protected by a wall total length of approximately 1800m., which regularly strengthened by round and rectangular towers, twenty-four in total, which date from the early Christian until the Ottoman years. The most famous and impressive is the Tower of Princes, in the southeastern corner of the fortified hill, which took its name from the legend that wants the daughter of the governor of the city falls from the ramparts. Typical plate is preserved with an engraved monogram, probably the prototratora Michael Glavas Tarchinioti. There were several major and minor exterior gates at the walls with the main Saraioportes, the Neroportes or Kaleportes and Gates of the Bridge in the southwestern part of the fortifications near Erythropotamos. Close to Neroportes and north of Kale at the foot of the western slope is the Pentazono, circular tower with a straight side, the interior of which was used as a reservoir, ensuring the supply of water to the castle and strengthening its defense. At the foot of the hill, inside the natural rock, there are cave (carved cavities), which served as storage and water tanks in the basements of houses, while not excluding the religious use of some of them.

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