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East Macedonia & Thrace

Bird observation-Forest of Dadia - Evros Region

Located 2 km away from the Ecotourism Centre within the protected area of ​​Dadia, a closed observatory operates for visitors who have the opportunity to observe vultures and other raptors which come trough. The trough is a selected location within the Dadia Forest in which the guards leave dead animals for vultures as additional food aid. Starting by the Ecotourism Center there have been demarcated and marked appropriately enough trails which can be used by guests. By following these paths someone can reaches the observatory, the hilltop Gkimprena or Kapsalo hill with panoramic views of the area.The forest is located in the middle of Evros and it forms part of the southeastern tip of the Rhodope massif. It falls in the lowland-hilly area, with an altitude ranging from 10 to 604 meters. West of the region there is a mountainous area with the highest peaks Sapka (1.044m.) and Silo (1.065m.). It is a protected area since 1980 and it includes two zones of strict protection of total area of 72.900 acres, as well as a peripheral zone measuring 357,100 acres.
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