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East Macedonia & Thrace

Pew of Paul the Apostle


Samothrace was the first European territory that the Apostle Paul was visited. The Pew Apostle Paul is located on the north side of Samothrace in the 7th km of road Kamariotisa-Thermes Baths. It is a semicircular colonnade built with Samothrace building art and tradition adorned by four large mosaics portraying the passage of the Apostle Paul from the island in 49 AD. In the center is translated in many languages of the apostolic village of the Acts of the Apostles (16, 9-12), which testifies the fact. According to the text of the Act from the Tradition, the Apostle Paul finds himself in Troas, and sees a vision in which a Macedonian man asking him to leave Asia to get to Europe and to preach the Gospel in Greece. Paul then went to Samothrace from Troas with a boat (probably in harbor of Paleopolis), he descended on the island, he met the natives Samothrace, he consorted with them for one day, he slept there and the next day he went to Neapolis (modern Kavala).

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