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Holy Monastery of Dormition of Holy Mary


It belongs to the Bishopric of Alexandoupoli. It is located in the coastal area of Makri, five kilometers away from it. It is established in 1978 by the then Bishop of Alexandroupolis and now of Thessaloniki Anthimos Roussos. It was manned in 1983 and today has fifty (50) nuns with preceptor the nun Makrina Sidira. In the center of the courtyard is placed the catholic church in Byzantine style, with interior paintings of scenes from the life of Christ. The church and the large courtyard, is surrounded by the buildings of the hostel. In ministry of the monastery, are included iconography, priest sewing, embroidery, waxwork, gardening etc. The monastery celebrates on August 23.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupoli
Tel. +302551026359

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    Makri of Alexandropoli, PC 68100
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