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Temenos Didymoticho (Beyazit Mosque)


In the central square of Didymoticho, on the base of the hill, where lies the Byzantine Didymoticho, stands the so-called Bayezid mosque, one of the most majestically Ottoman mosques in Greece. Founded on the road leading to the main gate of the castle was the center of gravity of the ottoman city that grew out of it. According to traditions dating back to the era of the Turkish traveler Evliyia Tselebi (16th c.), the construction started by the Sultan Bayezid Yildirim (Thunderbolt), but was not completed because of the problems that the invasion of the Mongols in Asia Minor created at the internal state. According to the dedicatory inscription above the main entrance, the construction of the mosque commissioned by Sultan Mehmed, son of Bayazid. The mosque was inaugurated in March 1420. A second inscription above the side entrance informs us that the reconstruction was undertaken by Kadi of Didymoteicho Seyyid Ali, built by Dogan bin Abdullah and engineer was Ivaz bin Bayezid. It is therefore property of Mehmet I (1413-1421). This time frame gives the dendrochronology (1418).

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