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Archaeological site of Paleopolis


On the north side of the island, in Paleopolis near Archaeological Museum is the archaeological site of Paleopolis. It is remarkable and very important archaeological site since at this point took place the famous Kaviria Mysteries. The religious and public buildings are those where, mainly, preserved in ruins till today. The first excavations at the Sanctuary Area, dating from 1863. Most important archaeological finds are Niki of Samothraki, the Palace with the sacred house, Arsinoio in shaped Rotunda, the Temenos, the Temple, the Theatre, the Altar, the house of tributes, the Stoa, the Fountain of Niki, the cemetery, the building of kings Philip III and Alexander IV and Propylon Ptolemy ΙΙ. Entering the space meets the Palace, a rectangular building where made the first stage of initiation into the Mysteries. In sacred house, just behind, was the preparation of those who participated in the ceremony. In Sanctuary, whose construction began in 325 BC and was completed in 150 BC, was the initiation of the faithful in the second level, which is called Supervision and was the most important point of the ceremony.

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