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East Macedonia & Thrace



On the slopes of Menikio mountain at an altitude of 480m and 19 km away from Drama there is the village Kallithea which fully justifies its name, thanks to the amazing view to the plain of Drama and the peaks of Falakro.
In the former resort of the region, famous for its abundant streams, we can nowdays see two temples with artistic value (the church of Saint Athanasius on the western edge of the village, built in 1832 and the church of Saint Paraskevi, in the south of the village, built in 1890), Macedonian architecture farmhouses and summer camps are ideally located in the forest.
In the village, tombs inscriptions and coins from the Roman and Byzantine period, were saved. The area was obviously housed, something that is indicated by the existence of a fort which survived until today in the area.
This is an ideal place for leisure, recreation and gastronomic delights.

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