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Xiropotamos is amphitheatrically built on the foothills of Mount falakro, about 7 km away from the town of Drama, at an altitude of 260 meters.
Traditionally, inhabitants occupied themselves with agriculture and with especially tobacco production and animal husbandry. Today the main source of income for the village are the quarries and the factories of cutting and processing the marble.
To the east of the village the pine-clad hill of Prophet Elias is dominated. Eastward of the hill, a rocky region is a prehistoric settlement, and belongs to the Neolithic era and Late Bronze Age as evidenced by the findings.
At the top of the hill to the east, between Xiropotamos and Monastiraki, there is a fortilies place (Castle) of Roman era, named "Hill Mavroudis" (Kalelik) and 582 meters above sea level, while a little lower in the col of the hill is discovered a part from a aqueduct which is also attributed in Roman times. To the west, the canyon Xiropotamos which is known as Lakkos, lies, where there is the beautiful, stone built bridge.
In Xiropotamos primitive customs of twelve days on 6 and 7 January, are revived. There, is held the famous traditional dance festival during the first weekend of August.

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