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Built in a cavity formed between the masses of Falakro Mountain at an altitude of 830 meters, Volakas is 35.5km away from Drama and 24km away from Nevrokopi. The village preserves the valuable deposit of a peculiar cultural heritage. The village has a post-Byzantine three-aisled basilica church with independent stone spire dedicated to the Prophet Elias, which was inaugurated in accordance with the dedicatory inscription, in May 1841.
It is situated on the road that leads to Falakro Ski Resort. Most residents are engaged in farming, logging, while some are engaged in agriculture and mining of the marble. Tourist infrastructure was rapidly develope, recently, with new hostels that accommodate ski lovers.
It is worth visiting Volaka on the weekenf of January 6-8 so as to enjoy the local customs, such as the "bara", the "arapides" and the "bears". Also on the day of the Holy Spirit the faithfuls decorate the horses and mules and go up to the chapel of the Holy Spirit in Falakro mountain, to perform a festival followed by doxology, including dances, songs and traditional kourbani (boiled goat with vegetables). On the afternoon the riders indulge in horse racing around the square.

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